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Suggested Books
A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar: Level 1

This is my go to guitar method book.  I use this all the time with my students and I couldn't recommend it more. 

A Modern Approach to Classical Guitar: Level 2 & 3

This is levels two and three.  This series is such a gem that I think every developing  classical guitarist should have this on their book shelf and every teacher should, at least at some point, use this with their students.

RCM Technique Book Serves levels prep - 10
RCM Level 4
The Royal Conservatory of Music collection
RCM Level Prep.
RCM Level 5
RCM Level 1
RCM Level 6
RCM Level 2
RCM Level 7
RCM Level 3
RCM Level 8
Christmas Songbook for Guitar
by Dr. Peter Zisa
Sample Song: Carol of the Bells
12 Flamenco Etudes
by Berto Boyd
The Renaissance Guitar
Frederick Noad Guitar Anthology
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